David Bowles, Flower, Song, Dance

 Aztec and Mayan Poetry

David Bowles has produced a new translation of selected lyrical poems from the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. The book contains an informative and insightful introduction and a helpful glossary of terms. But most of all this volume is a collection of poems that are well worth reading.
The book contains color illustrations in the form of first-rate paintings by talented artist Nicole Bowles. Reno
wned artist Noé Vela painted the cover art.

To see samples of Nicole’s paintings, click here.

In A Garden on the Brazos Dominique Inge shares her considerable gardening expertise in a series of astute observations about the joys and trials of Texas gardening. The book contains both carefully researched scientific information and insightful musings in prose so well wrought and charming that you will read for the pleasure of reading as well as for the book’s practical guidance in gardening.

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