Dave Oliphant

Dave OliphantThe Pilgrimage, Selected Poems: 1962-2012 
     In the tradition of literary pilgrimages, the one in this book is both physical and spiritual. Dave Oliphant moves us around West, Central, and East Texas in poems named after towns: Wink, Denton, Houston, Honey Island.
These poems find the spiritual in the ordinary and share such insights through sight and sound—especially the many sounds of  music. Read the poems aloud and listen; you will hear music through the entire collection. The first poem starts the book’s pilgrimage with a psalm of daily life, and the final poem offers a magnificent chorus of folk songs, symphonies, yodels, pop music, and more.
Oliphant’s pilgrimage presents a montage of striking personalities, from the saintly to the damned, from the famous to the unnamed.
Lovers of poetry will return often to this book, always finding lines to ponder and treasure.
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This wonderfully entertaining picaresque novel by Harold Raley falls in the tradition of rogue literature established by Tom Jones and other early novels. Set in the nineteenth century, Louisiana Rogue will take you on a wild, fast-paced romp through all levels of  Cajun society in the 1830s. The title page says the book promises to tell

                                            The Life and Times
of Pierre Prospère-Tourmoulin,
Picketpocket, Thief, Gambler,
Fugitive, Undertaker, Barber,Doctor,
Priest, Prisoner, Bandit, and Count;
Latterly penned in his hand
for the gentle reader of leisure,
Spanning the years 1831-1839
and claims to be translated by Peter Tourmoulin. This book
tells a story you will not want to miss.
                 for book club discussion questions, click here
Named a Writers’ League of Texas Finalist in the fiction category for 2012

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