Alan Berecka, With Our Baggage

The range of subjects here is vast, from baseball heroes to the failures of fathers, from being a poet to being Polish in South Texas, from God’s radio to American machismo. But the real subject here is the human animal, in all its glorious strivings and bumbling failures. The result is my favorite kind of book, firmly rooted in a world I thought I knew, until this irresistible writer showed me that it’s an even stranger, funnier, more beautiful place to live than I thought it was. I guarantee that after you read With Our Baggage you will want to sit down over beers with Alan Berecka and just talk things over. —George Bilgere

Jean Andrews, High Tides, Low Tidesthe Story of Leroy Colombo

The subject of this remarkable biography is Leroy Columbo, a superior athlete who happened to be deaf. He is famous in Galveston, Texas, for saving thousands of people in his long career as lifeguard in the Galveston waters. 

Jean Andrews is a professor of deaf education at Lamar University.

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